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Reynolds condemns Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest

Author: Kevin John Braid

We know Peter Reynolds doesn’t like public smoke-outs anymore. He used to be supportive of demos and marches, but when he realised he would be welcome as a fart in a spacesuit at any smoke-out, he made the proclamation that public displays of smoking cannabis is behaving like naughty children and counterproductive. 

We reported earlier in the year how Reynolds had condemned the London 420 smoke-out, which saw 10,000 people, and maybe more, peacefully converge on Hyde Park to protest at the UK’s cannabis laws and more recently we reported on how Peter Reynolds does not believe in civil disobedience.

A couple weeks ago Peter Reynolds decided to enlighten the world with his drunken thought for the day announcing he would rather 1,000 stoners should be locked up for blazing in public than one sick person be denied the medicine they need. 

Peter Reynolds, the leader of Cannabis Law Reform, CLEAR, says would rather 1,000 stoners should be locked up for blazing in public than one sick person be denied the medicine they need.
Peter Reynolds doesn’t mind if 1,000 stoners are locked up for blazing in public.

Asides from the fact, many of the people at these protests are in fact medicinal users, it is quite shocking that anybody who purports to represent cannabis users should advocate locking up stoners, but then again this is Peter Reynolds, should we ever be shocked at the garbage that somehow makes it from his alcohol and cocaine sozzled mind to a keyboard and on to cyberspace?

Medical patients demonstrate in the USA, where cannabis has been decriminalised or legalised in some form in twenty states.
Peter would rather a thousand medical cannabis protesters get locked up than one medical cannabis user be denied their medicine.

Earlier this week, outside the Houses of Parliament, a peaceful Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest was held on College Green opposite the Houses of Parliament. This assembly consisted of several hundred people, big banners and thousands of leaflets being handed out to passers by, including former Home Secretary Charles Clarke and former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. A Conservative MP, Oliver Colville, even made a point of meeting with the organisers and promised to raise the issue of medical cannabis in Parliament.

The main purpose of the protest was to have a gathering of patients with legal Sativex and even legal herbal Bedrocan cannabis, and other patients who are criminalised for using the medicine of their choice. This is probably why they chose to name the event the Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest.

Like many events, even ones that have taken many months of organisation, things don’t always go to plan and it was announced on the NORML UK web site the day before that their Dutch patient, Peter Lunk, did not have all the correct and necessary correct paperwork to legally import and consume herbal Bedrocan medicinal cannabis. Mr Lunk had apparently only agreed to take part in the stunt a few weeks prior, as the original patient dropped out at short notice, because of a clash of engagements.

Graham Smith, the racist and anti-Semitic supporter of CLEAR was quick to gloat, leaving the following message on Peter Reynolds’ personal Facebook page:

Graham Smith the anti-Semite writes on the CLEAR leader, Peter Reynolds, Facebook wall.
Graham Smith writes on Peter Reynolds’ Facebook wall.

Obviously Mr Lunk did not send send some money to Peter’s whisky fund, since el Presidente had in September announced medical cannabis was now legal in the UK and just send Reynolds some cash and he’ll tell you how to do it.

Peter Reynolds and CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform, claim medical cannabis is now legal in the UK, though they provide no evidence to support their claim.
CLEAR claim medical cannabis is legal in the UK now, all you have to do is send them money.

The gloating from Mr Smith and patronising comments from Reynolds are all very well except they are omitting to mention a Bedrocan patient with the correct paperwork did come forward at the last minute and the Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest went ahead as originally planned.

Ms X with her legal Bedrocan cannabis in London and supporting documentation.
A patient with legal Bedrocan herbal cannabis opposite the Houses of Parliament.

When it became evident the Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest did take place with an actual Bedrocan patient, Reynolds changes his tune to criticise the dress sense of a few of the people involved with the organisation of the protest, describing them as a “right motley crew”. He further states he was relieved there were so few attendees (there were in fact a few hundred). I’m assuming it will not be lost on the reader that in the same thread, when Reynolds thought no Bedrocan patient would be present, Reynolds said “I am disappointed for them. It had a good idea at its root and an important point could have been made.

Peter Reynolds, leader of Cannabis Law Reform, CLEAR, describes activists as a right motley crew.
Peter Reynolds describes cannabis campaigners outside Parliament as a right motley crew.

This only other supportive comment is from a Jason Harrow, who has only one friend on Facebook, who is non other than der Führer himself, so I think we can safely assume this is yet another Reynolds sock.

Peter Reynolds pretends to be someone called Jason Harrow to write supportive comments.
Another suspected Peter Reynolds Facebook sock account.

So there you have it, Peter Reynolds and CLEAR do not approve of holding protests outside the Mother of all Parliaments to try to bring about real change in the law. Presumably they think posting pics of your cock on the Internet, suing other respected activists and regularly writing bigoted and sexist comments on Facebook while drunk is a much better way to engage with the political process.

Derek Williams, the right hand man of the bigoted Peter Reynolds, who himself regularly complains about people attacking CLEAR, has already written a blog criticising the Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest and lying about the number of people who attended, falsely claiming it was only fifty, even though he wasn’t there. They did the same with the Hyde Park 420 smoke-out, trying to play down the numbers of people who actually attended the event. Williams is even critical of Allen St Pierre, the head of NORML in the USA.

Don Barnard stands together with NORML UK outside the Houses of Parliament.
Don Barnard, a Fellow of CLEAR, stands centre stage with the organisers of the Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest that Peter Reynolds described as a ‘motley looking crew’.

The motley crew in the photo Reynolds refers to includes, Don Barnard, who is listed as a Lifetime Fellow of CLEAR on their web site (even though Don assures us he never accepted this embarrassing award) and the link on the CLEAR page to Don’s Website, makes it clear he does not support Peter Reynolds’ leadership and the direction he and his cohorts’ have taken the party.

I think CLEAR are a little bit jealous, since they cannot pull of a physical AGM, no other drug reform group will touch them with a barge poll and certainly they could have never pulled off a peaceful protest outside Parliament with patients in possession of both legal and illegal forms of cannabis. So instead they pathetically try to piss on the worthwhile efforts of others, while doing nothing themselves, apart from offer very dubious legal advice on the legal status of medical cannabis in Britain

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