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Reynolds lies about High Court injunction

While hiding away refusing to pay a real High Court Writ

Author: Kevin John Braid

Peter Reynolds will go to any lengths to attempt to censor criticism, he often threatens people with the police or legal action if they dare to say anything critical of the right-wing racist leader of CLEAR.

We know from previous correspondence with the Icelandic WordPress, hosts of this website, the lies he was prepared to peddle to try to shut down Peter Reynolds Watch.

The latest tactic to try to stifle his critics is to lie that there is a High Court injunction in place preventing false allegations against him being repeated, and then furthering the lie by claiming that they could go to jail for two years if they do so.

Peter Reynolds lies about a High Court injunction.
Peter Reynolds lies about a High Court injunction to try to silence critics and threatens them with prison.

No such injunction exists, in fact Reynolds lost three out of four libel actions he launched against four drug law reform campaigners. The injunction he refers to applies to Greg de Hoedt, Chair of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs, who Reynolds managed to win a judgement against by default. Unlike the other three people, Greg didn’t respond to the writ, as Reynolds sent it to an address he was not living at. This resulted in Reynolds being awarded £5 in damages from Greg and an injunction from the courts which says Greg de Hoedt is the only person in the world not allowed to call Peter Reynolds a racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, bigot who regularly reports medical cannabis users to the police.

Greg’s case was a travesty of justice, since after the default judgement was awarded, Greg succeeded in securing a no-win-no-fee firm of solicitors who were prepared to take on his case, but a different Master was sitting that day who was not familiar with the cases. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in reopening the case, leaving the absurd case of a libel judgement being upheld, even though none of the issues were heard in court and Reynolds’ original claim was so full of technical deficiencies, it would have almost certainly have never been allowed to proceed.

Sadly for Greg, on top of the fiver the Court deemed Reynolds’ reputation was worth, he was also ordered to pay the court fees and Reynolds’ time that he could charge at £18 an hour as a Litigant in Person.

Reynolds dropped two of his other libel actions against Sarah McCulloh and Alun Buffry, since he knew he had no chance, and lost the other one against Chris Bovey and was ordered to pay him over twenty grand in legal expenses.

High Court costs order stating Peter Reynolds must pay over £20k in legal fees.
Order from the Royal Courts of Justice ordering Reynolds to pay £20,482.04. He refused to pay, so this figure is now over £25,000 including interest added and High Court Sheriff’s fees. He is currently hiding away trying to avoid the Sheriffs.

There is a sense of irony here, since when he lost against Chris, he complained bitterly it was a travesty of justice that his case was not heard and that it was in breach of his human rights, yet he was quite happy to sting poor old Greg for over £5k without any of the issues being heard as to what a racist, grassing bellend he is.

Reynolds even attempted to get permission to appeal against Chris’ judgement, ludicrously attempting to argue it was in breach of the Human Rights Act to not let him proceed with a technically deficient claim that had no chance of success and would have cost Chris at least £250,000 maybe more to defend it, had Master Eastman not had the good sense to throw it out of court and close the case down.

The request for permission to appeal was firmly rejected outright by HHJ Holroyde, one of the country’s most senior judges, known for presiding over high profile cases such as the Asil Nadir Polly Peck fraud trial. One can only imagine what was going through his head when he read the nonsense submitted by Reynolds and we are glad he saw the good sense to not give him permission to appeal.

This is where the hypocrisy and true nastiness of the man who this web site has been exposing for over two and a half years really shows. Peter sent High Court Sheriffs’ round to Greg, who has to live every day with Crohn’s Disease, and then boasted about what a wonderful Christmas he had with the money, which we understand Greg’s poor old parents had to stump up (in excess of £6,000 once the High Court Sheriffs fees had been added).

Peter Reynolds tells some lies.
Reynolds lies about winning three out of four libel cases and then further lies saying one case is on appeal.

How pathetic that a man who is nearly 60 should say the best Christmas presents he had ever bought his parents and children was from winning a libel action by default (because it wasn’t contested) against a medicinal cannabis user. He further states he has rearranged his assets to get out of paying Chris.

Conversely, Reynolds is himself ignoring letters and visits from the very same High Court Sheriffs he employed, refusing to stump up the money he owes Chris Bovey, a figure we are told now exceeds £25,000 including interest added for non-payment and Sheriff’s fees.

He’s locked himself up like a hermit in his bungalow in Dorset, erected a huge padlocked gate with a notice saying “visitors by telephone appointment only”, listing his telephone number, which he has had disconnected.

High Court Sheriff's letter.
Peter Reynolds is hiding from the High Court Sheriffs, as he doesn’t want to pay the £25,000k+ he owes, as a result of his stupid decision to sue Chris Bovey for libel.

Chris has been goading Reynolds, replying to emails he sent him over two years ago when he first threatened him with legal action, warning him that he would seek High Court Sheriffs to recover money from him if he continued to ignore the twat.

Email reply from Chris Bovey.
Email exchange published on Chris Bovey’s Facebook page.

Unsurprisingly, Reynolds has not replied to Chris or the High Court Sheriffs who he has thus far managed to avoid. The hypocrisy of the man, who has the audacity to lie about High Court injunctions, yet hides away refusing to pay High Court writs that were a result of his decision to launch unsuccessful lawsuits against people he didn’t like, is astounding.

Chris also sent an email stating he would fund the rest of the Grass Roots Kickstarter project to finish the making of a cannabis documentary, which has been worked on for the last two years, if Reynolds paid back the money he owes. Of course, Reynolds didn’t pay up, however we understand Chris, being the generous chap he is, donated £2,650 to the project anyway, which in the end raised £19,562.

An open email from Chris Bovey about funding Grass Roots cannabis documentary.
Open email from Chris Bovey to Peter Reynolds published on Chris’ Facebook.


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  1. What a nasty bastard Reynolds is, I hope Chris gets his money back from the convicted fraudster.

  2. peter Reynolds is the biggest hypocrite in the world. also a rat,grass ,no principles bastard. filho de puta!!!!

  3. Looks like he also transferred ownership to a company called Holdfast Estates (sole director Evan Reynolds – his son) at roughly the same time that he started the libel actions.

  4. Ownership of his bungalow that is. He’s also applied for permission to knock it down and build a four bedroom house. I hope Chris is already aware of this.

  5. Sorry to say but I think Peter’s strategy all along was simply to waste people’s time and ramp up their costs. I strongly suspect that he owns nothing and everything was transferred to his sons’ name in January 2014. And that he never expected to win any of the cases in the first place.

    I wish Chris all the best in recovering his costs but something tells me that it’s going to be a very long hard road.

  6. You will probably find that the property was always in the Name of Evan. Perhaps in trust. Evan received a 7 figure award of damages when he suffered a serious car accident. Peter has been living off Evan and his Mother for years. Even while Evan was at Uni’. Richard, the eldest son is now being endlessly used by Peter as legal representation, and making a total arse of himself in the process. Both professionally and in his father’s image. Richard was called to the Bar recently, though he may end up staying at the TLS. There is no depth to which Peter will not sink and drag others down when he can.

  7. Let’s hope so.

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