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Reynolds lies about High Court injunction

While hiding away refusing to pay a real High Court Writ Author: Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds will go to any lengths to attempt to censor criticism, he often threatens people with the police or legal action if they dare to say anything critical of the right-wing racist leader of …

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CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform buy Facebook likes

Author: Kevin John Braid Remember how Peter Reynolds used to boast that CLEAR were the largest membership based cannabis campaign group in the UK? He used to do this omitting to mention by membership-based, he meant Facebook likes.  Given Peter Reynolds and CLEAR are about as popular as a fart …

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Reynolds claims credit for the work of others

Warrington Borough Council take down Facebook page Author: James Collins Anybody who follows the UK cannabis movement will be aware of the controversy surrounding claims by Warrington Borough Council that cannabis is stronger than heroin. For those that don’t know, earlier in the week, a local authority in northern England …

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UKCSCs & Lib Dems denounce Peter Reynolds

Author: Kevin John Braid Peter Reynolds and CLEAR have been denounced by United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs. The denunciation came after CLEAR had been posting links to the UKSCSs on its web site and the CLEAR facebook page. Spokesman, Greg de Hoedt, a medicinal cannabis consumer who has himself been …

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