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CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform buy Facebook likes

Author: Kevin John Braid

Remember how Peter Reynolds used to boast that CLEAR were the largest membership based cannabis campaign group in the UK? He used to do this omitting to mention by membership-based, he meant Facebook likes. 

Given Peter Reynolds and CLEAR are about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit it was of no surprise both the London Cannabis Club and NORML UK overtook CLEAR in their number of fans.

Reynolds himself likes to use Facebook likes as a measure of success, yet he’d been relegated to third place in terms of popularity in the UK. That is until recently when CLEAR mysteriously gained over 20,000 likes in the space of a couple of weeks, averaging about 2,000 extra new Facebook likes a day.

Google “buy facebook likes” or “buy facebook followers” and you’ll see how easy this is to do.

Yet the number of shares, comments and likes on their Facebook page remains very low, with the number of people who like or share their stuff seldom reaching double figures.

Peter Reynolds & CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform, buying fake Facebook likes.
CLEARly not very popular
Peter Reynolds and the CLEAR Exec.
Peter Reynolds the unpopular bigoted leader of CLEAR with his cronies.

Contrast this to the 785 shares and over 670 likes for a recent meme shared on NORML UK’s Facebook page, even though CLEAR all of a sudden has over taken them by 14,000 likes in the space of little over a week. I say again, Peter Reynolds is an idiot, as only an idiot would buy such a large number of likes in such a short period of time to try to gain false popularity and think nobody would notice.

George Osborne cannabis meme on NORML UK
Hundreds of people share meme on NORML UK’s Facebook page.

London Cannabis Club and NORML UK Facebook pages have much more interaction than CLEAR, this is because they have genuine natural organic likes, not fake likes bought from Reynolds’ cheap whisky fund.

Even Feed The Birds 420, a new UK based cannabis related Facebook page, which has little under 6,000 likes, gets more interaction than CLEAR.

Peter Reynolds buying fake likes.
Peter Reynolds is buying fake likes for CLEAR. Look at that straight line for new likes; their no of likes has gone up by a few more thousand in the last few days since that screenshot was taken.

However, buying fake Facebook likes is not a clever strategy, for starters, it’s just a figure, you don’t get the real interaction, which you get from genuine fans. Secondly it’s a risky business, as you can easily get caught out, just as David Cameron did recently, when it was discovered he had been buying Facebook likes too.

Peter Reynolds, the conman, is buying fake likes.
Does Peter Reynolds seriously expect anyone to believe they achieved 15.61% of their likes in one week?

These days, Facebook are aware of this practice and since September 2012 they have been deleting fake spam bot accounts. Former Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, had hundreds of thousands of likes deleted. Knowing Reynolds, he’s probably done his Facebook like campaign on the cheap, so it will be of no surprise to me if we start to see the sudden upsurge in CLEAR likes descend into a massive free-fall.

Reynolds wants to con people to believe he is the main spokesperson for the cause of cannabis law reform in Britain; despite the fact he terrible media performer who often sounds drunk when being interviewed and is universally despised by the cannabis community, on account of his well documented intolerant views towards minority groups and the fact by his own admission he reports medicinal cannabis users to the police.

In the past, buying fake likes was quite a common practice by companies who wanted to bolster their perceived popularity, now it’s considered just dumb, since there is a very strong chance the likes will be deleted by Facebook.

Reynolds craves popularity, yet every move he makes nearly always ends up with him making a spectacular twit of himself.

Reynolds launched libel actions against four cannabis law reform activists in a bid to salvage his already tattered reputation. We all know they didn’t get very far, he’s already lost two cases and been ordered by the court to pay costs. He did sign a meaningless agreement to disagree with Alun Buffry, except Reynolds paid £2,145 for this. The only case still open is against disabled activist and Chair of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs, Greg de Hoedt, who is going to fight it with professional legal representation from a top London law firm who specialise in defamation. We know Reynolds didn’t do very well against Chris Bovey’s libel lawyers and we hope Greg’s legal team take him to the cleaners too.

How sad that a racist homophobic anti-Semitic bigot like Reynolds has to buy fake popularity since he’s really Billy no-mates. The CLEAR daily news articles are embarrassing, it appears they have recruited a 10 year old to do their Facebook graphics and a recent article on their site by someone called Anthony Lewis suggests they do not have the services of a proof reader at hand.

Peter really shouldn’t be spending money on fake Facebook likes when he’s going to have to pay likely tens of thousands of pounds in costs that he’s been ordered by the Courts to pay, as a direct result of bringing these stupid defamation cases that he personally chose to bring before the Royal Courts of Justice. I can’t imagine the bill from David Price Q.C. will be cheap either if they win the defamation case Reynolds launched against Greg de Hoedt. #popcorn

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  1. Please can NORMLUK and LLC share ‘cannabis for autism’ page and articles. Two weeks ago we had 5.5k likes, this week we have 11.5K likes. We know that we can be a large ‘autism’ page with help, and then we will be able to reach more people with autism. Thank you x

  2. Could people please stop referring to the ‘cannabis community’, or at least define exactly what it is.

    Peter Reynolds is despised by all right thinking human beings aware of his existence.

    Pigeonholing the enmity felt towards him really isn’t necessary.

  3. Thanks. 🙂

    Anyway, I do hope nobody has grassed him up to Facebook for breaking their terms and conditions, that would be a terrible thing to do.

    ^ Reverse psychology ^

  4. Cannabis Law Reform CLEAR wants cannabis activists to sit down, shut up and take their pill. Like others, I followed CLEAR on facebook assuming their outreach was cannabis law reform. Apparently, what they after is pharmaceutical corp funding, and membership bucks. Recently, CLEAR posted an image on their facebook page defining what they stand for in bulleted sentences. This CLEAR message headlined their first priority as: IMMEDIATE access to Bedrocan medicinal cannabis on prescription. This statement of exclusivity sent true cannabis activists into a comment storm in search of clarification to this stance. CLEAR responded to each statement the activists made in favor of fair and quality cannabis law reform with true jackassery comments such as ” Anyone who sells marijuana is scum”, “Political comments are not welcome here”, and “People advocating in the streets are wasting our time”. Is CLEAR attempting to defraud people who are interested in actual cannabis reform? Any comment not suited to their tastes is deleted, and those activists are no longer to allowed to comment on CLEAR posts. Cannabis Law Reform CLEAR wants you to support ONE single pharmaceutical corp to make cannabis medicine. They do not want you to speak about the actual issues regarding cannabis law. CLEAR does not want you to be a cannabis activist unless you pay the money to be a member of their group. This organization is a shameful sham.

  5. Has anyone been able to access the CLEAR website today?

    My feeling is that Peter is mentally ill. That’s really the only way any of this can be explained. Nobody could really be that stupid.

  6. So I’ve been scoping out a few Clear posts. I have actually noticed that when I click on the comments, it ALWAYS states that there are more comments than there actually are. It says like 15 then there are only 9 or a similar situation across posts. This is enough evidence for me. But then again, I have been following the spectacle that is Peter Reynolds for some time now and my opinion of this piece of S**T is very low. I actually want to meet him so I can really give him a piece of my mind. I can only assume he’d talk over my valid points much like a creationist would do if you were to claim the earth is more than 6,000 years old.

  7. I see CLEAR are still buying their fake likes – it’s so obvious they are purchased likes since there is so little interaction on their shitty Facebook page.

    Let’s hope the Hitler of Hemp will not be able afford any more fake fans once he has to start paying the law firm bills for the defamation lawsuits he lost.

    What an arse, paying all that money just to have it confirmed in the courts he is indeed a racist, homophobic, antisemitic, bigoted twat!

  8. https://archive.is/Ws1jh – 26th May 2015 – 376,149 total likes
    https://archive.is/QSNXd – 27th May 2015 – 376,816 total likes

    +667 in 24 hrs…

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