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Peter doesn’t like losing

Author: Kevin John Braid

Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform
Peter Reynolds

Peter Reynolds, Leader of CLEAR and well known Internet sociopath has not been taking well to the fact he lost his defamation court cases against both Chris Bovey and Sarah McCulloch and was ordered to pay their costs.

The self-appointed political leader “for life” that heads the unregistered political party campaigning to change cannabis laws has retaliated badly to the news that he has been ordered by the courts to pay an unspecified amount likely to be in the tens of thousands, after his much boasted about defamation claims were thrown out of the Royal Courts of Justice. Instead of realising he had racked up massive legal bill (which he stupidly blogged he had no intention of paying) he decided to publish blogs himself attacking those who he was unable to receive the judgment against.

Despite no evidence, he continues to claim that disabled activist and chair of the United Kingdom Cannabis Clubs, Greg de Hoedt, has spent “six months claiming [he’s] a paedophile”. The only evidence online to suggest Reynolds’ claims are his own blogs defending Jimmy Saville, head of the BBC paedo ring and other blogs defending a teacher that ran off with an underage school girl describing it as a “romantic adventure”. He claims the sex profiles he made are falsified, but this would mean someone had a time machine to make dirty dating profiles from back in 2006, which is about as possible Reynolds physically inserting his head up his own arse; although metaphorically speaking this is something that happened years ago.

What kind of response do you expect when you publish on the Internet that you want school girls to gag on your reproductive fluids and then defend the most prolific state protected paedo that the country has ever seen?

His latest blogs attack three disabled activists declaring they are psychopaths and sadists. While he may have spent a year poorly learning the ins and outs of Internet defamation law, he believes defamation of someone’s character is something he’s immune from doing himself and rather a tactic he uses as an attack method to try to silence his critics. Even though he knows the so called evidence he has produced will be handed back to the courts to show the persistent nature of his, unbeknownst to himself, Internet trolling. He continues to act in a loose cannon manor clearly displaying he has gone completely doo-lally.

Reynolds opted to represent himself in the Royal Courts of Justice, he failed to respect the procedures of the court and had his defamation claims deservedly thrown out. Even though it has been reported in the national media, he still will not accept that his claims were baseless and he still thinks he was defamed. But how? Wouldn’t he have to have some kind of credibility first? Even the Jewish Chronicle had kept their eye on the news after he published a tirade of abuse calling Jews “evil” and referred to them as “Nazis”.

Stuart Wyatt a long term cannabis activist that has been taken to court for helping sick and disabled patients access medicinal cannabis free of charge is one of Reynolds’ current pin dolls. Every time he gets angry Stuart seems to be one of the victims of Peter’s tirades of abuse

Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform libels respected cannabis activist Stuart Wyatt.
Peter Reynolds defames disabled medical cannabis user and activist, Stuart Wyatt.

“[Stuart] has a terrible reputation as an Internet troll and for violent attacks on people using his wheelchair”. Seeing as Reynolds does not attend any cannabis protests or live in the vicinity of Stuart Wyatt, a well liked and respected member of the public who is regularly consulted by his MP on political matters involving cannabis and disability issues, it would beg to question where these preposterous claims are coming from.

One answer might be Reynolds’ projected imagination. It can be harsh to question someone’s state of mind but, when they admit to having a drinking problem and glugging down a bottles of Happy Shopper Everyday Value Whiskey, selling his home to fund of an eleven year crack addiction, being put on remand for abusing a partner and having served a conviction for dishonesty, you do have to question the man’s motives.

Greg de Hoedt commented on Facebook at the news he was being harassed again said “what does it really say when someone attacks you, but defends a paedo like Jimmy Saville on the same website?”

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  1. The daft twat has lost his tiny mind….What a fucking idiot,and that’s being nice….

  2. sybil Lucas-Brewer

    I found this man PR on a website for advice for a legal cannabis medicine. He stalks vulnerable people, I was incensed he could do this and outed him, this was out of protection of members of the site, I bit I should not have. This man then decided to contact fb to shut me up, my account was disabled due to hate speech. This PR is a not a nice person in any way, and this disabled person has many friends extremely worried about me. Facebook needs to collect all data and accounts and shut him down.

  3. Cybil – He has been banned from FB that many times im surprised they havnt closed his account . He only wants yes men around him who dont question his word and lick his ass . He has it in his head that because he is the leader he cannot do no wrong and cannot be held accountable for his actions kind of how the person he resembles in the picture above acted .

  4. I suspect from all the alcohol he has consumed he was a wet brain, it would explain a lot……

  5. Dear Admin and Authors.
    I respect you for your hard work and the research you put into these stories. peter reynolds having served time on remand for spouse abuse clearly shows ‘abuse’ of those ‘weaker’, ie women, the disabled and those who cant reply or defend themselves (homosexuals, non whites, jewish people) is a common theme in this mans somewhat criminal career, sorry….adult life.

    11 years of crack cocaine abuse could be the cause of his kinky, or some would say perverted sexual desires that were stated on his sex dating website profiles. Back in the good old days, you would end up in the local mental hospital if you brought this much attention to yourselves.

    Keep up the good work. As a proud father, it pleases me greatly that somebody cares enough to warn us about some of the nasty people living in the UK.

  6. i recently went to a spanish island, imagine my suprise when i met another family and after just half an hour of coversation, the name peter reynolds popped up…. it appears this family are good friends with doctor Potter who peter first took to court, i couldnt believe i could be two thousand miles from the UK and the man still is hot on peoples lips. turns out mr potter has done ALOT of research much credible, it now appears even clearer that peters intention is to “close down” any person he deems a threat to “his work” (of which there is very little) every person he has taken to court, has a good reputation in their area, greg CSC, chris Norml, Sarah Norml and internet bloggist extrodanaire, alun, ex lca leader and author, dr potter, scientist specailising in cannabis reform. it would be very plesant if there was a way to remove him from his position, or if another political party opened to compete, the spin would be huge! well done PRW on keeping us informed, its just a shame that even now he still has something to say, i wonder if he will ever shut up, because silence speaks volumes! xxx

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