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Peter Loses the Program

Author: James Collins

“Kurtz got off the boat.  Kurtz quit the whole fucking program.”  Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now.

Peter has quite completely lost his shit.  Not only has he lost his shit, he’s losing other people’s shit as well.  At this point he’s so far through the looking glass even Alice couldn’t hope to find him.  It’s gotten to the point even the Mad Hatter is just rolling his eyes.  It’s progressing rapidly from a divine comedy into a display of cognitive dissonance that only serves to inspire a sick pathos in the objective observer.

Seriously dude, cut back on the wobbly juice, the damage is really showing.

The latest posts concerning the ongoing superfarce of his legal actions might lead you to believe he was victorious.  You might be under the impression that Sarah McCulloch was going to jail.  You might think that Greg De Hoight was screwed as well.  You might think that Peter was bravely standing on a pile of dead werewolves with his silver-plated sword held aloft and a throaty scream of triumph was issuing forth from his mighty maw.

This is not the case.  As you may have previously heard, his case against Sarah was tossed, and costs were awarded to her. As was his case against Chris Bovey.  The courts have decided that Peter should pay both of these people for the time and resources he has openly admitted to willfully wasting by abusing the courts to his own ends.  In both cases he lost because he lacked the ability to make the most basic case against them within the framework of the law.  This is to say his submissions were rife with mistakes, inaccuracies, glaring omissions and procedural violations of every shape and form.  He isn’t a lawyer, much as he plays one on the internet.

This is the same blowhard who once declared cannabis “effectively decriminalized” and got his own party member busted with weed at customs with similarly misleading claims about legality.

Peter Reynolds the racist in thought.
Peter bones up on legal procedures for his upcoming hearing.

Let’s now have a gander at his latest ravings about the case with Sarah McCulloch.  In the one case where he claims she has made a “mistake” he then characterizes that as perjury and claims there is a hearing for her crime.  This isn’t even close to accurate.  He has lost the case and is now applying to have that decision overturned; any charge of perjury would be a criminal proceeding and would be handled by the criminal branch of the courts.

He’s off his rocker.

Aside from that though, the glaring hypocrisy of the entire thing is baffling to the extreme.  He claims he is going to appeal on the grounds that the courts are punishing him for his incompetence and that makes it a violation of his human rights.  There are no-win-no-fee arrangements available in the UK, which is why he doesn’t have to proceed as a litigant in person unless there is no shyster dodgy enough in all of Britain who will take the case on without payment upfront.  At the same time he is arguing that any alleged mistake made by another litigant in person is de facto evidence of intent to defraud by misleading the court.  You couldn’t make up shit this silly!

Even Lionel Hutz wouldn't represent Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, Cannabis Law Reform.
Lionel Hutz

In case you’re wondering, no there is no shyster dodgy enough.  Even Lionel Hutz wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole.

As far as his case against Greg is concerned, the process is still in motion.  The fact a highly respected professional law firm was willing to take on Greg’s case at the 11th hour while still nobody is stepping up to champion Peter’s cause speaks volumes.  At the stage of the game where Peter thinks he has declared victory over Greg he is actually only starting to see what kind of fight it is going to be.  Professional legal representation will have a far easier time dealing with things, and were I a betting man I would be laying a trail of shoe leather on the way to the bookies to lay a bet against Peter.

Although, to be even-handed, the odds wouldn’t favor a big payout on my bet given the win/loss record so far.

His tune will no doubt change soon.  After the hearings don’t go his way he will rant and rave about how his human rights are being abused and his right to sue anybody for anything is infringed and mendacious trolls cheated him out of his reputation with their dirty money.  Wait for it …

The Sheriffs are coming: Peter Reynolds Watch
Debt collection is never pretty.

After that there will be only one thing left for him to say, as the Sheriffs come around to strip him of his meager belongings and pay back the people who have been wronged by his rampage.

“The horror … the horror.”

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  1. What better time for a fresh CLEAR membership push with increased membership price scaling.

  2. Hilarious! Great read. Thanks for bringing some clarity to the situation, but how did PR obtain the document that appears to be a judgement against Greg that’s displayed on his web site?

    • He never served Greg to the correct address, so he somehow got a judgment by default, probably by lying to the Court. Now Greg has specialist legal representation, we’re sure his lawyers will get the judgment set aside and the case will go the same way as it did against Sarah (a Litigant in Person) and Chris (who hired professional defamation lawyers).

  3. another well written article from my favourite website. keep up the good work.

  4. He’s probably hoping to cut a deal and get out of paying Sarah’s costs. In any event, he may as well go double or quits with all of them as he probably hasn’t got the money to pay even one.

    I wonder what his son, the paralegal in a barristers’ chambers makes of all this? It really can’t be helping his chances of gaining a pupillage if word has got around.

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