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CLEAR Satire

Author: James Collins

Peter Reynolds is celebrating 420 like everybody.  How is he doing it?  He’s doing it by claiming to have pictures of people seducing children with drug-laced cookies at the Hyde Park protest.  That sounds pretty horrible.  Check out his post, but check it out here, we don’t need to be sending traffic to the tumbleweed strewn wasteland that is the CLEAR site.

Peter Reynolds, the bigoted leader of CLEAR doesn't like 4/20 or public protests against prohibition of cannabis.
Peter Reynolds and CLEAR, the only cannabis campaigners who hate 420.

Now that you’ve scanned over this terse drivel, we can talk about the content.  Peter claims, albeit in a somewhat obtuse way, that cannabis campaigners are trying to seduce children with hash cookies.  This guy who claims to lead a political party dedicated to the legalization of cannabis is claiming that people who use cannabis do so to seduce children with drugs.  This guy thinks he is the voice against prohibition.

This is somewhat like Jewish writers in the 1930s writing articles getting angry with members of the Jewish community for nailing puppies to church doors.  Obviously that didn’t happen, and those stories about Jewish atrocities in pre-war Europe were propaganda.  It was pure hate literature.  The victims of that hate literature did not step up to re-enforce the lies found therein in order to give themselves some measure of credibility as the Jewish people who don’t murder puppies.

Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, 420.
Peter Reynolds

Peter is, in this slumbering drivel, doing precisely that.  He is claiming that he is the cannabis user that doesn’t seduce children with pot cookies, although he’s willing to acknowledge, in fact spearhead the belief, that some cannabis users do such things.  He’s inventing whole new avenues of prohibitionist propaganda through the platform of a “pro-cannabis” campaign.  Who the hell would do such a thing?

I am going to make a similar statement to his article.  I have pictures of Peter sodomizing a lamb.  They’re horrific.  They are absolutely unreal.  You would vomit through your nostrils if you were even to glimpse at this horrorshow.  It seems like that can’t possibly be true, that such photographs could exist, but you have precisely as much evidence of that as Peter has of child-seducing pot cookie bearers at a 420 protest.

Clearly I am being facetious.  You are not stupid enough to believe that I have pictures of Peter raping animals, and I’m not silly enough to think you would accept such an accusation.  I have made my point though; you can write a body of text claiming to have pictures of something that is very damaging to somebody.  Until you’re willing to post those pictures along with your claim, it’s accusations of lamb-fucking that are completely unfounded.  It’s a steaming pile of shit.

Peter has gone past lousy campaigning right into the realm of active disinformation against cannabis users as a segment of the population.   He’s trashing his own membership by saying these things, drawing them into his world of delusion and lies.  Between the billboard promoting negative stereotypes about drug users, the low-rent advertisement that appears on YouTube, and his bottomless supply of bile for the very concept of protest, Peter Reynolds is a one man propaganda engine against cannabis and its consumers. Did you know that thing cost £1,440 a day to drive round London for 8 hours?

Peter Reynolds spends £10,080 to demonise cannabis dealers.
Peter Reynolds wastes £10,080 to drive a van around London for a week for 8 hours a day.

Peter would have told Woody Guthrie to shut up about labor rights.  He would have told the Cambodians in the killing fields that the law was the law, and they have to obey it and farm rice for Khmer Rouge until that law changes.  He would have told Rosa Parks to get to the back of the damn bus until the grown up politicians made it all better for her.  He wants to tell you to stay home, shut up, give him your money and wait for him to make the world a better place.  He expects you believe he will do that by portraying cannabis users with cartoonish anti-drug imagery and unfounded accusations of corrupting minors.

If I wore a tinfoil hat I might say that his intention is the antithesis of his stated mission.

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  1. Once again a most excellent article showing the true nature of this mans manipulation of both the cannabis campaign and vulnerable people in need of medication. A medication that Peter Reynolds reports the users of to the police for using.
    A grass can’t be trusted ever, it’s what they are deep inside!

    Respect James and as always PR watch has my full support in bringing this convicted fraudsters’ money grabbing campaign to a halt.

  2. peters bestest fwend

    Well it looks to me like the green eyed monster popped up, in the many years campaigning and taking part in he protests around the UK, this is the first time i have seen more than one uk paper print news about the 420 protest, this is a break through for the uk cannabis camapaign, it had always been unprinted news, unfeatured news, although the media were always present, before something stopped them printing about the peaceful protests where no arrests, no violence and more importantly (for the police) peaceful polite campaigners. Although i wasnt at the protests this year, as a family, we were pleased for the campaign to get some press coverage, the reason mr reynolds has a bitter taste in his mouth, is because the biggest gathering to take place protesting against these laws – happened without any input from him, imagine if it had been arranged by reynold?, would he personally stop the sale of hash cookies and bags of cannabis “not at MY protest sonny”.
    I think peter has reached new levels, after his protesting that he is attacked for his views, and going on a mission to personally silence and (to try) and destroy the credibility of some well known long term campaigners is one thing, to take people to court for defamation another, and then for the man to open another webpage to attack those people, again with no right to reply, which has always been his tactic, to attack and then prevent response.
    This rant about 420 will alienate people away from his cause, and into the arms of those who arranged the protest, and that is where the British campaigners should be.
    There have been people over the years who seemed to want to control the campaign, when peter took the reigns it changed everything, and although it left many feeling bitter and angry that they lost their campaign and work, and money, and were given no right to reply, and nowhere to vent the frustration, it also created something much bigger that anyone has seen in the campaign, a huge swell of distrust, and concern about who and what peter reynolds is about.
    he is in it for the long haul. and i dont think anything will stop him, except of course the loss of membership when people realise their leader is not keeping his promise to work for his members, just like every politician that was, peter reynolds is already trying to be prime minister, the president, it seems feels his seat will never ever be defeated.

  3. Yet he was perfectly happy to be associated with it 5+4 years ago when he used it to his advantage and tried seizing control and splitting the activists into two groups fighting each other. 🙁

  4. As the years go on and more and more real campaigning takes place people will soon enough see for themselves that he is in it for himself and more importantly, he does sweet eff ay any way other than rant as above.

  5. “I am going to make a similar statement to his article. I have pictures of Peter sodomizing a lamb. They’re horrific. They are absolutely unreal. You would vomit through your nostrils if you were even to glimpse at this horrorshow. It seems like that can’t possibly be true, that such photographs could exist,”

    If somebody told me that about Peter Reynolds I wouldn’t struggle to believe it likely to be true… 🙂

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